About Me

Steven Bailey is a professional wedding photographer based in Manchester. Founded in 2007 Steven has had hundreds of weddings, clients and thousands of nursery photographs. Steven is a relaxed, natural photographer who enjoys working with couples who are looking for a relaxed day with some fun thrown in!

I have a had a varied career, from Visual Merchandiser, to Theatre Stage Crew all the elements of my working history have culminated as a professional photographer. From the visual elements and attention to detail to the attitude of the show MUST go on! I embarked my role as a wedding photographer following my passion for photography and the disappointment of my own wedding day photos (not taken by me!!)

“My favourite part of the day is the ceremony, when emotions are unguarded and that moment when you first see each other is magical. I love the love and attention to detail that couples put into the day and I strive to capture the emotion for ever. As a professional photographer I have been lucky to work some of my boyhood heros, TV shows and favourite football club, I never expected to achieve so much on my photographic journey”

“As a father to a little girl my spare time is taken up with all things unicorns, rainbows and Disney, but when I do get a chance I love to go out for a long bike ride to clear the mind.”

He usually takes bookings 1 to 2 years in advance

We could not have asked for a better photographer than Steve. He put all our guests and ease and got some excellent pictures. He was funny and relaxed me when he was getting some pre-wedding shots. I’ve not got all our pictures yet, but the highlights I’ve seen so far have been amazing. I highly recommend him!
— Charlotte Jackson
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My Style


I love to capture the emotion of the day. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning! All the planning, the people you love surrounding you, the vows, all show on a photograph. The images I capture on your wedding day will be a true reflection of the day whether it be smiles, laughter or tears. In 20 years time I want the images to invoke all the feelings you had on the day and for you to be able to relive those memories forever.


I love my couples to relax and enjoy the day. I specialise in photographing people who hate having their picture taken! If you are happy around the camera and forget that I am there, then often these are the favourite pictures of the day. I work hard on making sure all guests are comfortable, and often I am approached to photograph couples as they have never had a good photo of them together. I once got told by a bride - “it doesn’t matter how good of a photographer you are. If I don’t like you that’s all I will see in the pictures” (She booked me, loved the images and wrote me the most lovely review) That was great advice and something I have never forgotten



Your day is special, you have planned if for a very long time. My role is not only to photograph it all, but to help you enjoy the day to the fullest. I will go the extra mile for a photograph, to assist the guests or even put on a button hole or two. This is why I recommend talking to me and getting to feel comfortable with your choice of photographer.


Not just the obvious things!

I love all the details that go into a wedding. Table decorations, button holes, rings, cakes. They are all part of your tastes and make up reasons as to why your day is unique. A detail shot of your wedding rings can be beautiful and cherished for years to come.

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Your wedding day is your day - NOT a photoshoot! I want couples to enjoy their day, not spend hours stood around waiting. This passion also applies to the pictures I take on your wedding day. They are your pictures - if you want to share them on facebook / instagram - great! All my couples get copyright so they can make their own wedding albums, prints etc. I do supply them but if you want to create your own - GO FOR IT!

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