Chinese Wedding at The Radisson Blu Edwardian

A traditional Chinese & English Day - but so modern in many ways

Yan & Chris wanted a Traditional Chinese wedding with a modern UK twist. Respectful to the traditions of both English and Chinese traditions - 2 weddings in one day it was going to be very busy.

Starting early, the day begins with a series of traditional door games set to test the groom and for him to prove his love for the bride.

At 8 am in the morning, the bridesmaids concocted a series of disgusting drinks involving chilli sauce, garlic and soy sauce for the men to drink!

The second test was for the groomsmen to demonstrate their dancing skills (which entertained the neighbours).

Door game number 3 was for the groom to 'bob' lettered ping pong balls out of ice cold water until he could spell out the bride's name.

The next test was to apply lipstick on the best man which they had to 'pass' the lipstick along by kissing each groomsman on the cheek until it got to the groom at the end of the line.

After some financial negotiations and many red envelopes being passed the girls allowed the groom and his groomsmen to enter and meet his bride.

A traditional tea ceremony was held between the bride, groom and her parents.

After the traditional festivities were concluded the party moved on to The Radisson Blu Edwardian in Manchester City Centre. The bride changed into a stunning traditional ivory wedding dress and the English ceremony was held within the hotel.

I love emotion at a wedding and the day did not fail to supply plenty!

Following the ceremony, the couple and I took to the streets of Manchester to get some unique and striking bridal photos.

I brought along an Insta360 one X camera for some 360 photos and bullet time videos during the confetti throw.

Check them out below:

Then it was time for their wedding breakfast and the staff at Radisson Blu produced a remarkable 3-course meal. More Chinese traditions were followed with an amazing Lion Dance performed by the Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu Company. This is a ceremony that bestows good luck and fortune on the couple and their guests. It is a cacophony of music and an explosion of colour - a feast for the senses and something I was delighted to photograph.

More traditional tea ceremonies were held with different family members and the tradition of exchanging red envelopes - a real sense of emotion and tradition was felt by all observing the ceremony.

The evening continued with more fun games and tests of skill for the guests and especially the wedding party.

Following on with the beautiful 1st dance

The whole day was a huge success and the feedback from the guests was lovely - followed by a lovely email stating:

Hi Steven

Thank you so much for making our wedding so special.

You & Alex have been spectacular from start to finish. Loads of wonderful pictures there.

You have given us lots of wonderful memories & many of our family & friends had commented on how fantastic you were.

Please keep in touch, you will no doubt at all, be first on our phone list for any future shots.

Lots of love

Yan & Chris


Thank you once again to Yan, Chris and all their family and friends for making us so welcome on the day. Also an extended Thank you to all the staff at Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester, Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu