Stockport Town Hall Wedding Photography

A Stockport Town Hall Wedding

When I receive an enquiry, one of the things I like to discuss is how comfortable either you or your partner are in front of the camera - I seem to specialize in people who don’t like having their picture taken!

The couple wanted coverage from bridal prep until the end of the ceremony as the wedding guest numbers were limited to immediate family members and they were off to dinner at a restaurant for the reception. Not a problem! I cater for any size wedding and whether you have 10 or 300 guests I will treat your wedding with the same level of care.

I always love bridal prep time as it allows me to meet parents, bridesmaids and the kids and say hello and breakdown any barriers put up by feeling nervous.

The bridegroom was not comfortable in front of the camera and felt very much on display. My role in this situation is to play the day by ear and to be very acutely aware of what I am doing and how it is affecting the subject. Sometimes I am to relax the groom with a conversation, or humour, sometimes to fade into the background and photograph from afar. This only comes with experience and I think one of my major skills in wedding photography.

The kids stole the show upon entering making everyone ooh and ahh! That was until the bride appeared looking amazing and the entire focus of the room (and especially the groom) was put upon her.

The ceremony at Stockport Town Hall was personal and intimate which the room lends itself too.

After the ceremony, I had a limited amount of time ( approx 1hr) and the couple had agreed to the use of the staircase/lobby area for photography - A chance I wasn't going to pass on!

The weather outside however was too good to miss and I don't think the bride could see what I could see when looking at the A6 in Stockport - and I'm not sure it has ever looked better (even if I do say so myself!)

Inside the staircase and lobby are visually stunning. This is where my work with making the groom feel comfortable pays off as getting the couple to pose together without looking awkward or stiff. The groom was relaxed, enjoyed the process and was open to ideas - THANK YOU!

Following the delivery of the images to the couple within 3 days - I received a lovely review via my facebook page which read as follows:

Amazing photographer! Steven was just brilliant, he took all the photographs we wanted and more!!! He's brilliant with kids which was really important to us and took some amazing pictures that we will treasure forever! If you want a wedding photographer he is honestly the best person for the job, thank you, Steven!!!