The Most British Wedding Day - Kings Acre, Saughall, Chester


Rural, Romantic and oh so British!


July 2019


Kings Acre, Saughall, Chester

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Sophie Colligan

Bridal Prep & Before the Ceremony

The venue is a Glamping campground as well as a wedding venue. I know it sounds strange but it WORKS! With a marquee for the reception, the most authentic and rustic bar you will ever see, a seated outdoor ceremony are and a duck pond - it doesn’t get more British than this!

The bride wanted a unique day with a relaxed vibe to the day. The photographer should be able to embrace this attitude and fit in. So they chose me!

The day started at the Bungalow with the bride, her flower girls, bridesmaids and Mum all getting ready together. The bride was excited and kept trying to peek out to see if Dave (The Groom) had arrived! It was so cute!

The groom was super chill before the ceremony. Dave relaxed out it front of the lake with his 2 brothers.


The Ceremony

The ceremony was a Humanist Ceremony (if you want to know more about Humanist Non-Religious weddings click here) - which was lovely. Sophie (The Officiant) retold stories of how the couple met, fell in love and how Dave proposed - So sweet! There was lots of laughter, a few tears and the weather held out!

It’s all about the details . . .

After the group photos I like to capture the details that have take months of planning and have finally come together.

The Happy Couple

I love taking the couple off to get some pictures of themselves to cherish for years to come. I limit the time to approx 30 mins so as not to take up too much time, but at this weddignthe bride and groom were having so much fun I think we could have stayed all day, photographing.

Party Time

At at rural wedding venue like this, the kids really get a chance to enjoy themselves. It was a balmy British summer’s evening, the kids were hot, the pond looked cool - and the venue said “Go for it!” so they did! Half a dozen kids, jumping, paddling and splashing about, the parents loved it, so did the guests and it lent itself to the most amazing relaxed atmosphere. Everything the bride had wished for on her wedding day.

The First Dance

Highlights of the day:


The Couples Review:

Hi Steven,

Firstly thank you for helping make the day what it was, which was truly the most amazing and magnificent day ever. The pictures are incredible and can’t wait to sit down properly and have a really good look through them all.

The YouTube collection is fantastic, think Jen must have watched it about 25 times already and we have shared it with our families who also think it’s wonderful.

When we know what we want print wise we will be in touch but thank you once again for such lovely pictures and quick turnaround, speak soon
— Dave