Love on the Streets of Manchester


Love On The Streets of Manchester - A Great John Street Hotel Wedding

Ahh home - always feels nice to be in the City Centre! I love my City and whenever I get to work in the Centre, it always feels extra special. Reminiscent of where I fell in love with photography (New York - they were built with very similar architecture!)

The Bride and Groom were simply stunning, and the venue being Great John Street Hotel is a bespoke paradise!

The ceremony was held at the Holy Name Church, and apart from the bride being 45mins late (due to a puncture in a Rolls Royce - expensive!!!) everything went smoothly.

The Great John St Hotel has the best rooftop terrace I have come across and it makes the party feel exclusive and special! A Great John Street Hotel Wedding has to be up there as one of the best locations in Manchester City Centre for a wedding reception, close to local transport hubs and with amazing views across Manchester when the weather is right it has to be on the shortlist for wedding venues if you're considering getting married in Manchester.

After the speeches, I had to indulge myself, by taking the Bride and Groom - out onto Deansgate which if you're not familiar with Manchester is one of the busiest streets in Manchester. Hope to some of the largest and well-known brands but also some iconic architecture it can get a little busy at times, but the chance to take some truly unique wedding photo's was just too tempting. With so many people watching - the pressure was on, and the whooping and hollering when the Groom 'dipped' the bride was amazing! I felt like a rock star photographer!!!!

"This Great John Street Hotel wedding was amazing."

Back to the hotel for the first dances, the cutting of the wedding cake and of course the famous Steven Bailey Photo Booth - which was extremely popular and busy!! I can't begin to describe to you the feeling of being part of this day, the energy of Manchester City centre coupled with the emotions of the bride, groom and the wedding party all came together for a truly amazing day. The church used for ceremony was beautiful and the weather held off to create some fantastic shots. I have to say a massive thank you to Great John Street Hotel who's staff were really accomating.

Thanks, guys it was an amazing day, and I LOVED IT!!!

If you're interested in a Great John Street Hotel Wedding then you can visit their website at and if you're getting married at Great John Street Hotel or anywhere in Manchester and would like to discuss your wedding photography then please feel free to get in touch by visiting my contact page, I would love to hear from you.