Headspace Part 2 - Life on Medication

Andrew Hudson

Life on Medication

Today I want to show you the thought provoking work of Andrew Hudson and his image - Life on Medication

Andrew is a talented creative person who really does have a talent for viewing the world differently. I found his description to very moving and really allowed me to be able to understand life on medication and what a fabulous effect it has on his life. The exhibition will be on at The Bolton Octagon Theatre from 1st June 2016 - please come down and have a look at the stunning images in their full glory.


life on medication


I find change difficult, my thoughts are distorted and unclear and can be difficult to interpret and make sense of.

I often think I am operating normally but to other people I am acting out of character.  My medication counteracts this and allows me to think clearer and helps me to become myself again.

Andrew Hudson

Having never been on medication, it is difficult to comprehend what life is like for someone who needs medication to be able to perform daily tasks. Andres image speaks to me in a way that words cannot. It must be difficult to focus and I think its amazing what modern medicine can do to help people that have challenges in their life. I think it is up to all of us to remove any stigmas with mental health, and in my way by blogging about it over the next few days I hope that people can see there is a lot of support out there and people do not need to suffer in silence.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Andrew on creating an image that is different, challenging and really allows me to see the world through his eyes. I hope he keeps up with photography as he has and amazing eye and talent.