Headspace Part 3 - Teto the Autism Support Dog

Jack Hughes

Teto the Autism Support Dog

The image is of his friends Autism Support Dog -  Teto. He has taken a silhouette of Teto, tessellated the image and then added an exposure of the woodland - Stunning isn't it? I think so!

Jack is quite a reserved kind of person, who hides his light under a bushel. Having never owned a 'proper camera' he decided to jump in with both feet, bought a camera and then went on to produce the stunning image below! I think Jack needs to get out from beneath the Bushel and show of his exceptional creative talents more! I really enjoyed working with Jack as his vision challenged me and I just hope that I have helped him find part of his creative voice.

Tito the Autism Support Dog

This image was made using the principle of a double exposure image which contained an image of Teto (a friends dog) and an image of a tree silhouette with the sky replaced .This was then replicated and adjusted .

Transformation by definition is a marked change in form, nature or appearance. 
For me transition applies to this image because its a combination of beautiful subject matter applied in a different context to make some equally as beautiful .

Jack Hughes

Teto is a very special dog he is an Autism Support Dog -he is there to offer support and help calm someone with Autism whilst supporting good behaviour - he really is amazing and a lovely dog - if you want more information please visit Support Dogs 

With regards to the image - all I can say is WOW! Jack has really transformed an image into a beautiful work of art that I feel challenges the viewer into trying to see Teto and is a fantastic piece of creativity!

Well done Jack