Headspace Part 4 - The Bridge - life with Autism

The Bridge



Jasmine was diagnosed with Autism and is probably one of the most forthright people you could have the pleasure in meeting! She says exactly what she means and does not hold back. It was a scary sometimes working with her as she will call you out if you evert make a mistake or does not agree with you. (It was like looking in a mirror!!!)

When approaching the project she regularly said that she doesn't think like everyone else and can't put down why she likes the bridge or how it reflects Transformation. We sat down and had a chat all about what it is like to be diagnosed with Autism, what the process is and how it changes your life. All of sudden the cogs clicked into place and she came up with the amazing words below - It honestly brought a tear to my eye - to see someone connect the dots and understand why her images speaks to her and how she can share her feelings with the world in a new way.


The Bridge

The Bridge by Jasmine

The bridge represents life for an Autistic person. The bridge is in sections that do not match up - this is what life is like for someone with Autism as you get pieces of information and cant understand how they connect - you know where you want to go but the information does not link together.  You see the beauty but struggle to reach it

Jasmine Keifer

As challenging as Jasmine was at times she was amazing to work with. She bought her own camera half way through the course and I couldn't be more proud of what she produced especially as she at times thought the concept was 'stupid' and her 'brain doesn't work that way'. I hope she continues to photograph as if she can produce this image and description then the sky is the limit.