Cotswold Hotel & Spa - Chipping Norton Wedding

Cotswold Hotel & Spa

Danielle & James

We were recommended by a bride who's wedding we did over 4 years ago! It's always a special feeling when you get recommended! The couple were lovely and with a pair of lovely daughters - I was going to have a fun day at the Cotswold Hotel & Spa.

The couple spent the day at  The Cotswold Hotel & Spa in Chipping Norton, a beautiful resort with a golf course - the perfect venue for a wedding.

Upon arrival, we visited Danielle during her bridal preparations (an option in my packages) and found a real hive of activity, with 4 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls and of course the bride all getting ready!



At this point, I always like to say hello, explain that we are here not to interrupt but to help and that we are happy to step out at any point to avoid any embarrassment. This is a great time for me to get to know characters and to build a relationship with the bridesmaids, parents, etc. something I think that is essential to feel a sense of connection to my Brides.

About 10 mins before the ceremony I like to introduce myself to the registrar and get some photos of the groom. James was nervous and quiet but focused.


During the ceremony, I am always looking for moments that capture the nervous energy in the room. People are excited, nervous, happy and hopeful. My style is to capture those emotions without people realising that I am photographing them.

During the day, I had a special request. James is a keen Mountain Biker and he wanted some special shots of him with his bike.

Mountain bike kiss

Groom performs an endo to give his bride a kiss!


Groom jumps over groomsmen on a mountain bike


I always like to take the couple off to get some intimate shots of them realising that they have just got married and allow them time to relax a little away from the crowds. We went off on two golf buggies and with free range of the course got some pics that the couple are really happy with.