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About a month after getting engaged we attended a friend’s wedding in Manchester and found ourselves really impressed by the manner of the two photographers there and we said to each other that we definitely wanted a couple to photograph our wedding and preferably one who were as fun to be around as these guys.

Our friends photographs came back and we loved how they had captured so many moments from the day. It was at this point that we began researching photographers ourselves, and discovered that a couple of photographers, local to us (Bristol), who allow us the image rights would swallow up our entire wedding budget. I emailed Steven Bailey Photography for a quote, to include the travel costs incurred, and booked straight away - confident in the personalities, work and price that I was signing up for. Unfortunately our wedding was not exactly as planned as my mother was too poorly to come and we married a few days early and renewed our vows on the ‘big day’ instead.

Steve and Alex were consummate professionals, putting everyone at ease and wowing them with their talent and efficiency (so many guests LOVED being able to take prints with them on the day) but, on a personal note, they got me through one of the hardest days I’ve ever had. They were supportive and kind, funny and comforting and without them that day would have been very different. The pictures are just beautiful and all our friends and family have really enjoyed seeing them too.

Hope you’re well and enjoying wedding season!
— Love Kizzy and Phil xxx
Hi Alex and Steven

We had an amazing day and have so many fantastic photo’s to prove it!

I thought your style was highly personal and you both put everyone at ease (including me!). You used Breadsall Priory’s backdrop dramatically and we have some truly unique shots as a result. You made the large group shots fun to be part of, unlike the many bossy wedding photographers we’ve all met! It was great to have Alex taking informal shots throughout the ceremony and reception.

Among my many favourite shots are the ceremony itself. You captured, scene by scene, our intimate emotions that day. Wedding photos are so important and these are ones which I know our future children will cherish.
— Amy Mark
We were looking for photographers that we could trust to capture the most important moments of the most important day of our lives, which is a big responsibility for anyone.

All you can ask for is that photographers inspire confidence. From the moment Steve and Alex arrived, there was no doubt in our mind that we had made the right choice. They were extremely friendly, fun, unobtrusive and, as such, not only did they put us at ease but they actually added to the enjoyment and memories of the day. I’ve been to many a wedding and often the photographers are stuffy or grumpy or pretentiously overbearing with the composition of their shots. Steve and Alex were natural, relaxed and are of such a genial disposition that everyone enjoyed their presence and the way they managed the organisation of the formal portraits. Both on the day and afterwards many people complimented them for their style - mixing professionalism and personality to great effect.

I did have some concerns about booking a Manchester-based photographer for a wedding in South London, but they proved themselves to be great professionals who understand the pressures faced on a wedding day and arrived in plenty of time to keep our hearts from racing any faster than they already were.

Having looked around, I found that many wedding photographers were charging what I considered to be an outrageous fee. In some of these cases I wasn’t even impressed by their portfolio. Then, to have a second photographer added in became prohibitively expensive. When you consider the package offered by Steve and Alex, I think they present tremendous value for money.

We are delighted with our photos and all our friends and family have commented on the quality of them They are a truly beautiful reminder of the most special day of our lives - and some the photos they captured are simply out of this world. After seeing them at work on our wedding day or from seeing the photos afterwards, many friends have asked for their details.

We recommended them wholeheartedly then, as we would recommend them to anyone now who is looking for friendly, reliable, professional and talented photographers for any special occasion.
— Phil & Cat x